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Commercial HVAC Systems

Investing in good quality air conditioning has enormous benefits for the workplace. Cooler, purified air provides a healthier and more comfortable working environment, which makes for a happier workforce that can operate more efficiently.

Our experience and professional approach benefit both consultants and clients. Getting the specification, design, supply, and installation of air conditioning and heating systems correct can result in significant energy savings for clients.

As trusted installers of top brands, we offer a wide range of options to suit your needs and budget.

VRF Heating

VRF Heating & Cooling

Discover how VRF air conditioners work to efficiently meet your temperature needs. Inverter technology allows for precise control of the compressor’s speed, adjusting to changes in cooling and heating requirements. Switch between modes seamlessly with a sophisticated control system.

Advanced inverter systems enable independent heating and cooling in different zones of your building. This energy-saving feature ensures optimal comfort when simultaneous heating and cooling is necessary.

Starting with a powerful outdoor VRF unit you can connect up to 50 indoor units. Choose from various indoor options including floor, ducted, ceiling, and wall units, offering versatility to suit your specific needs.

VRF technology

Heat Recovery VRF technology

Simultaneously cool and heat your space while reducing energy waste. The system can recover and redirect exhaust heat from zones in cooling mode to spaces that need heating.

This innovative technology repurposes would-be waste heat into “free” heat for the building, reducing the outdoor unit’s energy usage and delivering operational savings.

Experience greater comfort and cost savings on a whole new level.


Retail Heating & Air Conditioning

At Seckers, we understand the importance of a comfortable space in attracting customers and increasing sales. To create a comfortable environment for customers and staff, it is crucial to have a high-performance heating and air conditioning system that maintain a stable temperature all year round, ensuring that both staff and customers are comfortable. This leads to increased profitability as customers enjoy their visit, stay longer, and browse more.

Our air conditioning solutions are perfect for shops, restaurants, and commercial spaces of all sizes. Whether you have a small corner shop or a large shopping centre, our systems provide both hot and cold air to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone.

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